Genetic DNA Test

Child Development

The Child Development DNA Test is a gene profile that will start you and your child on the path to lifelong discovery. From fitness to natural abilities for language and learning, the results help you get to know your child even better.

  • Does your child have the genes that may allow them to easily learn new languages?
  • Is your child likely to be a picky eater or a sweet tooth?
  • Which sports may be a good match for your child?

Your MightyDNA Child Development DNA Test kit includes a sterile buccal swab and dry transport tube,  step-by-step instructions how to swab your cheek cells and a pre-paid return envelope. Upon completing your DNA analysis you will receive an 20 page polygenic traits report along with your DNA genotype results.


Sample DNA Analysis Report

Knowing about MightyDNA Child Development genes will help you answer the following questions: Could you or your child have a natural aptitude for learning new languages? Or the potential to become a math whiz? 

Here is the list of MightyDNA genes and  their cognitive functions:

  • Enlightenment / Fitness / Sleep and Behavior / Nutrition
  • Learning ability / Adolescent Behavior / Sleep Duration / Feeling Full / Sweet Tooth / Endurance / Flexibility / Muscle Force / Language Ability / Math Ability / Music Pattern and Music Listening / Perfect Pitch / Reading Ability / Verbal & Numerical Reasoning

Your MightyDNA Child Development Test Kit includes a sterile buccal swab and dry transport tube, step-by-step instructions how to swab your cheek cells, and a pre-paid return envelope. Upon your buccal swab arriving at our non-CLIA core-facility lab we immediately isolate and purify your DNA from the buccal swabs, then afterward run your purify DNA through our propriety SNP genotype assay that is designed, synthesized, formulated, optimized, and quality control tested by our team of Ph.D. geneticists. Once the propriety assay is selected we then set-up the reaction on a 384-well plate where the FOXP2, DCDC2 and Chromosome 6 are amplified thousands to millions of copies on an Applied Biosystems real-time PCR system. The PCR results are analyzed via the TaqMan Genotyper Software. The analyzed results are then collated with NCBI literature research database to produce your personalized DNA report that is based on population-wide studies. Because, what is true at a population level average is also true at an individual level!

Rest assures that your privacy is our number one priority. We won’t sell or share your DNA data without your direct permission. We pledge to uphold the highest standards of bioethics and maintain rigorous policies and procedures to keep your data safe and secure.