DNA Collection Kit Instructions

Please follow the step-by-step instructions below. The five steps process takes about 3 minutes. Make sure the sample is taken indoors, at room temperature. Make sure your mouth is empty and that you have not eaten anything the last 30 minutes.

1. Rinse your mouth with water. Repeat.

2. Separate the swab from its sleeve by grasping and pulling on both ends. Do not discard the sleeves and do not touch the tip of the swab with your hands.

3. To collect DNA rub the tip of the swab firmly on the inside of your cheek approximately 25 times on each side of the mouth. Be sure to move the swab over the entire inside of the cheek.

4. Immediately remove swab, being careful not to touch swab tip against teeth, lips, or another surface.

5. Wave the swab in the air for about 30 seconds and place it back in its original sleeve.

6. Place the swab and sleeve into the pre-paid return envelope and drop it off to the nearest USPS collection box.

The swab is to be used on one person only– -please do not use it on multiple people. If you’d like additional DNA test kits, contact us at info@mightyDNA.com

3 Things Our Test Can’t and Will Not Do

Determine who you are: The genetic code for a particular trait or condition is only one influence among many. So if your genes predispose you to lower-than-average muscle strength, that doesn’t prevent you from training to build strength. Your genes can not compete against consistent, dedicated effort.

Predict your exact future: A DNA test is not a diagnosis. Think of it instead as an analysis of your risks: If you have a gene for a particular condition or trait, means you have only a higher-than-average chance of developing it.

Tell you what to do next: Since a DNA test is not a diagnosis, you should be cautious in how you interpret the results. While you may not have the gene for high sun sensitivity, don’t throw out your sunscreen! The sun is still a carcinogen, and you should always use common sense.